When Flat Roofs Leak

Thousands of home owners are all too aware that flat roofs leak. The damage to decorations and furnishings are easy to see but the hidden effects of water damage to insulation and electrics are far more serious.

Old Flat Roof Technology

Traditional flat roof coverings rely on bitumen, lead or asbestos. Felt is the most common roof covering onto hot bitumen but unfortunately felt breaks down in Ireland’ weather and the strip laid method creates seams which are obvious areas of weakness and prone to leaking. These factors combine to give the traditional felt roof covering a very unpredictable lifespan, needing constant repair and eventually replacement.

Step into the Future and say Goodbye to leaks Forever…

Mackessy Contracts Ltd provide a clean, long lasting solution to flat roof leakage. We spent a great deal of time assessing all available materials and methods of application. The decision was finally taken to use a radical new approach taking a lead from manufacturers of high performance boats rather than traditional building materials. This material was glass fibre, this material is far stronger and more durable than any other roofing product in todays market place creating a maintenance free finish allowing flexibility with no seams or joins whatsoever across its entire area, eliminating any risk of leakage.